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Turnkey Restoration was founded in November 2021 by John Burns & Nan Lyles. Both business partners have worked together on a vast variety of projects that complement the mitigation and construction process.

John Burns

Co-owner and Founder

John Burns is a seasoned and professional licensed contractor with over twelve years of experience in building custom homes. John also has extensive experience in the mitigation & restoration world. Due to his high standards of workmanship and his commitment to each project coupled with affordable prices, John at Turnkey Restoration is the right choice to entrust your home to. John was born and raised in Jackson, MS, and enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, daughter, and dog when he is outside the office.

Nan Lyles

Co-owner and Founder

Nan Lyles has a dedicated and proven record of ten years which has involved core industries such as textile restoration, mitigation, and general restoration.  Her knowledge, expertise, and passion led her to become the #1 salesperson nationwide for a leading mitigation franchise in Mississippi. Nan Lyles has lived in Madison for over thirty years which is where she met her husband Brett. They have four wonderful boys: Johnathan (Bailey), Nicholas (Katie), Christopher, and Elliott. They also have a beautiful granddaughter, Charlie, who has just had a little sister named Madeline. In her off-time Nan enjoys spending time with her family and riding in her Jeep.

 With both partners being experienced in their industries, Turnkey Restoration enables homeowners to experience a one-stop shop kind of experience.

 Hence, all homeowners truly need to do is just give us a call and we take care of the rest! 

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